Audio Files

Amazing Grace-Craigs
Battles Over
Battles Over-slow
Caissons Go Rolling Along-fast
Caissons Go Rolling Along-slow
Campbell of Glenlyon
Castle Dangerous
Castle Dangerous-slow
Crags of Mtn Tumbledown
Dawning of the Day-Fast
Dawning of the Day-slow
Farewell to Craigmount_fast
Farewell to Craigmount_slow
Flett from Flotta & Mista Jack
Gary Owen
Green Hills
Green Hills-slow
High Road to Gairloch
High Road to Gairloch-slow
Jacks-Mista-Flett – 2017 Comp Set
Jack’s Welcome-fast
Jack’s Welcome-slow
Loch Maree_fast
Loch Maree_slow
Maires Wedding_Avery Head
Maire’s Wedding-slow
March of the Champions-fast
March of the Champions-slow
Marine Corps Hymn-fast
Marine Corps Hymn-slow
Minstral Boy-Fast
Minstral Boy-slow
Mist Covered Mountains
Murdos Wedding-slow_Avery Head
Murdos Wedding_Avery Head
My Land
My Land-slow
O’Donal Abu-fast
O’Donal Abu-slow
Paddy’s Green Shamrock
Pay the piper – A.Head 2018
Pikemans March-fast
Pikemans March-slow
Rowan Tree-fast
Rowan Tree-slow
Scotland the Brave-fast
Scotland the Brave-slow
Steam Boat
Steam Boat_slow
Tenor & Bass – The Gale
Tenor & Bass – The Gale
Tenor – Flett From Flotta
Tenor – Flett From Flotta
Wearing of the Green-slow_Avery Head
Wearing of the Green_Avery Head
Were No Awae to Bide Awae-slow_Avery head
Were No Awae to Bide Awae_Avery head
Will You No Come Back Again-slow_Avery Head
Will You No Come Back Again_Avery Head
Wings-slow_Avery Head
Wings_Avery Head